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Die kleine Umhängetasche New York ist der perfekte Begleiter für die Freizeit oder im Büro.... mehr
LEABAGS New York kleine Umhängetasche aus echtem Büffel-Leder im vintage Look

Die kleine Umhängetasche New York ist der perfekte Begleiter für die Freizeit oder im Büro. Sowohl dein 10" Tablet als auch dein A5 Notizbuch finden bequem Platz im Hauptfach der Tasche. Viele zusätzliche Fächer bieten genug Platz für deine individuelle Organisation. Mit dem bequemen Schultergurt lässt sich die Tasche sehr komfortabel tragen.

Kundenbewertungen für "Umhängetasche New York"

Best bag after weeks of search, best service ever

Having a clear specific need in mind I have search the net for weeks but I have seen one leabags bag (someone wearing one) and even if exact design was not best for me the size and leather was great. This inspire me to go to and found this model to be the best for me. I have continued to search the net for a bag for 3 weeks and finaly I have return and purchase one here. It turn out to be a great bag and I have already receive compliments on how nice it is (not that I need it but just to prove a point in this review :)
The bag has pocket for phone and one perfect in size for a kindle. Then inside 2 compartments are exactly what I need. In extreme cases you can fit a big laptop however it will not close. Smaller laptop size will sink in well. It will fit A4 documents without a problem. Magnetic closing is very practical and in case you need you can use the zipper to close the main compartment for added safety. Zipped pockets inside and on the back of the bag are very useful for important but small stuff. Leather is soft enough to not feel like a metal box (some leather is hard and makes a stiff bag).
Short time after I have start wearing it I have discovered a small fault in the bag (nothing imparting the functionality or in regards to looks) but still not expected so soon. I have contacted customer service of leabags with a picture and a question of what can we do thinking maybe I have done something wrong in maintenance. The response was in hours and completely over what I have expected. It seems they are totally committed to get the best product to you. Very impressed by this. That you guys.
I took the time to write this because I did alot of search and read alot of useful reviews and also because I was impress about the customer service response.

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